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What Seniors Can Expect from Their First PT Session


Is your senior loved one up for their first-ever physical therapy session? Without knowing what to expect, they can find themselves overwhelmed, especially if they are in pain and injured from an illness, sports event, or an accident.

That is why, as a provider of physical therapy and home health care in Maryland, we are enumerating the things they can expect during the treatment. Take a look below:

  • Assessment and examination
    A comprehensive assessment and examination comprise a health history check and a complete physical evaluation that looks into your senior loved one’s muscle and joint motion, flexibility, and posture.
  • Diagnosis
    A clinical diagnosis identifies the specific condition causing your senior loved one’s pain and discomfort. Along with their diagnosis, they would also get a prognosis or the likely course their condition will take along with its equivalent care plan.
  • Treatment
    A physical therapy treatment looks into the best intervention for your senior loved one’s condition, focusing on the goals of pain reduction, mobility restoration, and regaining their daily function. Depending on their needs, they may utilize therapeutic modalities, massage and mobilization, exercise, and assistance from a home health aide in Elkridge, Maryland, among others.

We hope our briefer helped! For more similar discussions or your future private duty and live-in care needs, do not hesitate to get in touch with Daystar Health Services today.

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