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Signs that Our Loved Ones Need a Home Health Aide


It’s wonderful to see our loved ones doing healthy. It would be very nice if we could keep this condition until the end of life. But as with other things, nothing lasts forever. As our loved ones reach senior years, many things start to happen, especially when it comes to keeping their health and their ability to do things. There will be a considerable decline in these aspects. When our loved ones cannot take care of themselves and the caregiving assistance provided by the family members is not viable anymore, it’s the right time to sit with them to suggest availing of home health aide services such as a home health aide in Elkridge, Maryland. Here are some signs that can convince us to hire the services of a home health aide for our loved ones.

  • Straying away from home
    As our loved ones reach senior years, the chances are that they might experience memory loss or, worse, may develop dementia which poses a lot of potential problems such as getting lost and being unable to go home. This is very dangerous as they may face accidents outside or may be taken advantage of by criminals. Acquiring the services of a home health aide from home health care agencies like home health care in Maryland would avert this from happening.
  • Unable to keep good personal hygiene
    When our loved ones skip doing the things to have good personal hygiene, such as taking a bath regularly, brushing teeth, etc., it’s a clear sign that they need a home health aide in private duty and live-in care setups. Their present health status and physical condition could be preventing them from doing so. Getting professional help in keeping themselves clean is very beneficial for them as this would help prevent infections. People with poor hygiene are prone to infections and diseases.
  • Unable to eat regularly and nutritiously
    Regularly eating nutritious food is vital in keeping our health, especially for our aging loved ones. But if we notice that they are not doing this anymore, buying wholesome foods in the supermarket may have become challenging. We should talk with them and know the reasons and discuss the option of getting senior care services, especially getting a home health aide to help them shop for healthy foods.
  • Frequent falling
    As our loved ones become older, they may develop poor eyesight and hearing, which cause them to fall. Some sicknesses and physical conditions affect balance and strength as well. Our loved ones might be seriously injured when they fall. However, the presence of a home health aide from home health care or homecare agencies can prevent falls from happening.

Daystar Health Services maintains a very high standard in screening for our home health aides to ensure that you get the best quality care.

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