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Signs Seniors Need Speech Therapy


Communicating effectively, especially for seniors, is essential in maintaining their health, safety, and well-being. As they age, they experience speech difficulty as their vocal cords become elastic and larynx muscles weaken. How do you know when to consider speech therapy? Read the warning signs below.

  • They become unresponsive.
    Are seniors not responding to your questions? It could be a sign they are self-conscious about being unable to speak clearly. They might fear being misunderstood. To know more about their communication issues, ask their caregivers from home health care in Maryland whether they struggle to talk.
  • They rely on gestures.
    If you notice your loved ones nodding their head or pointing objects instead of speaking, take this as an early warning sign of speech issues. Seniors may hide their diminished speech capacity from you or their caregiver if they have a private duty and live-in care at home. Don’t wait for long, and contact a speech therapist as soon as possible.
  • They have hoarse voices.
    A hoarse voice may not be a direct sign of speech problems, but a hoarse or raspy voice that persists could be a sign of weakness in the vocal cords of the larynx. If a home health aide in Elkridge, Maryland, is taking care of your senior loved ones, make sure to ask them if they notice any changes in the seniors’ communication style or if they are having speech issues.

Are you looking for a speech therapist? Daystar Health Services is here for you! We focus on treating individuals with language disorders and complications due to stroke, cerebral palsy, etc. We can assist your loved ones with treatment for involuntary stuttering, eating/swallowing strategies, and more. We also offer medical staffing, skilled nursing, and home health aide. Call us at +1-240-234-7931 today.

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